Travel Passes

More than 3 miles away

Students aged 16-18 who live more than 3 miles^ away from KGV Sixth Form College are eligible for a travel pass for bus or train (or travel funds where necessary).

You will still need to apply for this using the Pay My Student Portal, and although the pass is guaranteed if you live more than 3 miles^ away from the college, we do need formal confirmation of parental income. This is so that we can allocate the pass from the correct funding stream.

Between 1 and 2.9 miles away

Students aged 16-18 who live between 1 and 2.9 miles^ away from the College may still be eligible for a free travel pass but are means tested to assess their eligibility. Please apply using the Pay My Student Portal, so that we can also assess what other help you may be entitled to.

^It is College policy to assess eligibility by measuring the shortest walking distance using Google Maps.

To apply for your College Travel Pass, you need to register and apply through the PayMyStudent portal.

Travel Guide

Pay My Student

Pay My Student FAQ's

This can be accessed using the link in the Student Portal or via

Apply via PaymyStudent using the online application form which covers all aspects of student funding including travel passes, bursaries and free meals.
Please logon using

We need to take details of household income so that your travel pass is charged to the correct funding stream and that College comply with government funding guidelines.

Please log on using the “No Student Number?” option. You should be issued with a temporary ID enabling you to progress your application – you will need to use the temporary number beginning “TMP” when logging on to complete an application.

We will get in touch if we need to see paper copies of your documents. The main reason for this is if the documents were “chopped” when photographed so are missing information. Please ensure that the images are complete before you upload them to your application.

For a Trio Card or Rail pass (not a simple bus pass) you will need to provide 1 passport sized photograph that you need to bring into college and have stamped before you can collect your pass from the train station.

Contact Reception for more information

KGV Scholarships

Our KGV scholarships programme is designed to reward our most high achieving students and scholarships are offered to prospective students who have applied to KGV and have the potential to achieve great things with us.

Personal Support

Students are at the centre of what we offer at KGV and our aim is to create a nurturing environment where every student thrives and reaches their potential. We have staff available for any individual who may need support and care during their time with us.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support Team offer tailored support and guidance to ensure every student has a positive and rewarding learning experience and we aim to support all student with difficulties or disabilities.