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Our parents and guardians page is designed to help answer some of the questions you may have about college life and give you access to ProPortal and ParentPay.

To report a student absence please call college on 01704 530601 or contact your son / daughter's progress tutor directly as soon as possible.

Our Parent Guide is packed with lots of information about about KGV Sixth Form College that will help answer some of the most common enquiries. Please take the time to have a read through:

Parent Guide

Parent Newsletter

Want to know all about what's been going on in College recently?

From exciting trips to special guests, we put our best highlights together in our latest newsletter for parents.

We value your support and involvement as parents and guardians in enabling your sons and daughters to achieve at KGV College. We have high expectations of our students and want to challenge and support them in equal measure and we know the best way to do this is to work with parents and guardians. We will provide you with a progress report, invite you to parents’ evenings and supply you with important information via our Parent Portal.

As Advanced Level specialists with fantastic results, the majority of our subjects regularly achieve pass rates of 100% and we have track record of over 50% of these passes being at the highest levels, we put the student at the centre of everything we do.

Mock Exams - 27 Feb - 3 Mar

Session Exam Duration
Morning (KGVCHEA21) - CHEMISTRY A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs
Morning (KGVSOCA21) - SOCIOLOGY A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 1 hrs 30 min
Afternoon (KGVPSYA21) - PSYCHOLOGY A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs

Session Exam Duration
Morning (KGVBIOA21) - BIOLOGY A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs 15 min
Morning (KGVENLANA21) - ENGLISH LANGUAGE A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs 30 min
Morning (KGVFMTH222) - FURTHER MATHS (2ND YEAR) / KGV 1 hrs 30 min
Morning (KGVPOLA21) - POLITICS A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs
Afternoon (KGVCSA21) - COMPUTER SCIENCE A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs 30 min
Afternoon (KGVGMTH) - MATHS GCSE / KGV 1 hrs 30 min
Afternoon (KGVLWA21) - LAW A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs

Session Exam Duration
Morning (KGVAHA21) - ANCIENT HISTORY A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs 30 min
Morning (KGVBSA21) - BUSINESS A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs
Afternoon (KGVHMA21) - HISTORY (MODERN) A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs 30 min

Session Exam Duration
Morning (KGVGENG) - ENGLISH GCSE / KGV 1 hrs 45 min
Afternoon (KGVFSA21) - FILM STUDIES A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs 30 min
Afternoon (KGVPHYA21) - PHYSICS A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs 15 min
Afternoon (KGVSPAA21) - SPANISH A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs 30 min

Session Exam Duration
Morning (KGVFMTH222) - FURTHER MATHS (2ND YEAR) / KGV 1 hrs 30 min
Morning (KGVMTHA21) - MATHS A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs 30 min
Morning (KGVPHIA21) - PHILOSOPHY A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 1 hrs 30 min
Afternoon (KGVGEA21) - GEOGRAPHY A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs 15 min
Afternoon (KGVMEDA21) - MEDIA STUDIES A LEVEL (YEAR 2) / KGV 2 hrs 30 min

Applying to KGV College

Applying to college is an exciting next step in a young person's life, but we understand that it can be a daunting one too. We have a guidance team dedicated to helping our potential students find the ideal course for them and we have a streamlined process to make their transition to college go as smoothly as possible.

We are also aware that whilst year 11's often cover a lot of the college application process in sessions in school, parents are sometimes a little more in the dark. We want you to feel included and to be able to support your young person through this journey, so hopefully the information below will help you understand the process. However our guidance team are not just here for students, they are here for parents too, so please do call us if you have any questions.

We are currently holding Virtual Open Events in place of our traditional Open Evenings. Having a good look around our virtual campus allows applicants to get the best experience of our fantastic facilities, hear from our supportive, highly qualified tutors, our students, and find out as much as they possibly can.

Parents and Guardians are encouraged to join the Virtual Open Events too as it really helps them get a feel for the college and support their young person with their decision.

Check out our Events page for more details.

Our application form is a straightforward, single page form on our website and we encourage pupils to apply as early as possible as this gives the best possible chance of securing their first choice of college and course(s).

Do not worry if your young person is unsure of the grades they may achieve at this stage, we would still suggest they apply for the courses they are interested and should you have any questions or concerns about their results, our Guidance Team are here to help.

If they are deliberating between our various study programmes, we would encourage them to contact our Guidance Team to discuss their options and they will offer lots of friendly advice to help them make that final decision.

Once we have received their application, our Admissions Team will soon be in touch to offer them a course discussion. These are held in college and are a friendly face to face discussion about the chosen course and any future ambitions. Parents or Guardians are always welcome to join in and it’s a great chance to both ask as many questions as you like, to ensure it’s the right decision. It's also the perfect chance to discuss any learning support requirements or financial support options (if applicable).

Following a successful course discussion, applicants will receive a formal offer from us via email, which fully explains the grades they need to get on to the course.

Applicants who have accepted their offer of a place to study with us, will be sent an individual online enrolment link with full details of what to do

To ensure their place at KGV, they need to click this link and fill in a few details. From 24 August, they can then come into college with proof of their GCSE results and collect their college ID badge.

Once they have enrolled, their place is now secured and assuming they meet the entry criteria they will be starting their studies with us in September!

Enrolment: More info

We encourage all students to apply as early as possible to give them the best possible chance of securing their first choice of college and course, as our most popular courses do fill up fast.

This is also helpful for the mind-set of the young person, as once the next step in their education is sorted, they can concentrate on successfully completing year 11.

However subject to availability we do accept applications right up to the start of term. Applications can be made 24/7 via our online application form.

Yes, you can complete the application form on their behalf. However, they need to attend the course discussion themself, although you are welcome to join them if you both so wish.

You can apply to as many colleges and for all the courses you are interested in, however you must only enrol at one college (Stage 5).

Our Admissions Team are working hard to process all applications to college as quickly as possible.

During peak application seasons, there may be a brief period of time between application and being offered a course discussion, but rest assured your application is in process.

If you completed an application form but have not heard from us within 10 working days, please contact our Guidance Team who will confirm if we have received the application.

Not a problem and we are only too happy to help. The first port of call would be our experienced and friendly Guidance Team who are on hand to help find the answer to any questions you might have. You can find their details here.

UCAS Application Overview

Our Careers and Progress team Rachael, Alex and Meg have recorded a presentation providing information to parents on the UCAS process and the support we offer in college to students in preparing for their next steps.

Download a copy of the presentation: Download


ProPortal is a way for you to keep updated on your son/daughter/ward’s academic information, timetable, attendance and annual reports. If you do not have login for ProPortal or have trouble accessing the system contact our Reception team.


ParentPay enables easy online payment for trips, books, bus passes etc. If you have forgotten your username and password or have any difficulties using the system, please contact

Online Safety Advice for Parents, Guardians & Carers

Online Safety Advice for Parents, Guardians & Carers

Please visit the Coronavirus Information page for important information regarding digital safety and safeguarding from harmful behaviour online.

Coronavirus Information
top results for sociology

top results for sociology

Did you know our 2019 Sociology results were ranked as some of the top in the country? 91% of KGV students studying sociology achieved a A*-B grade. We have amazing students!

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Expert teaching for aspiring students

Expert teaching for aspiring students

Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in our FOCUS Taster Programme and discover what A Levels at KGV can offer you. Running from October to April, the programme is targeted at students from years 9, 10 and 11. You’ll need to book your place through your school but make sure you book early as places will fill up quickly!

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Politics A Level

Politics A Level

If you are interested, intrigued or frustrated by the way the world is run then Politics A Level is for you! Explore the nature of politics and how people engage in the political processes within the UK and beyond.

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Contact Reception

If you have any questions or queries please contact our Reception team.

Support questions

We are often asked the following questions by our students...

If your son/daughter is unwell or needs to be absent from College because of an appointment or other reason please complete the Report an Absence form on this page giving us as much detail as you can.

If you would like to speak to your son/daughter’s progress tutor contact our Reception Team who will be able to put you in contact with the right person

If you’ve not been to KGV before we’d recommend you visit us on one of our open evenings where you will be able to see all of our fantastic facilities, meet our tutors and talk to current students. If you’ve missed our open evenings, contact our Reception Team on 01704 530601, who would be happy to arrange a tour of the College for you.

Interested in becoming a parent governor?

At King George V College we have an active board of governors who play an important role in the ongoing development of the College. Governors are from the local and wider communitiy with a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to help the College take forward its strategic objectives. Find out more about being about being a Parent Governor.

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