KGV Scholarships

Rewarding Our Highest Achieving Students

At KGV we offer our gifted and talented students the opportunity to apply for a Scholarship, to enable them to excel at the very highest level.

The KGV Scholarship exists to recognise our most high achieving students during their time at College. They are offered to prospective students who have applied to KGV and have the potential to do great things with us.

We welcome applications from Year 11 pupils who want to study with us and are gifted academically or have a talent in the arts or a particular sport. Scholarships can be used in a variety of ways such as purchasing books or equipment, supporting the cost of trips or additional coaching or extracurricular classes. A scholarship is equal to the value of up to £1,000 over the 2 academic years.

Scholarships have been awarded to students who excel in:

  • Sports
  • Science and Maths
  • Humanities
  • Creative Arts

We are grateful to the Educational Foundation Trust, a charitable group which exists to support students at KGV College and who fund the scholarship programme.

Apply for a Scholarship

If you would like to be considered for a KGV Scholarship and haven't already told us, please send an email to let us know.

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At KGV we also have a range of financial support packages designed to help meet a range of costs associated with studying, from bursary funds, travel passes and free meals to help with kit and uniform and childcare.