KGV Xtras Drama Production

how will participating benefit you?

If you have a flair for music, dancing or acting or just want to join in the fun then taking part in the drama productions at KGV is an opportunity not to be missed. Whatever subjects you’re studying, there’s plenty of ways you can take part in any of our productions throughout the year. From taking centre stage, to working on the technical aspects there are opportunities for you to enhance existing skills and develop new ones as you work alongside students and staff to create and produce a fantastic production.


Whatever your future careers plans, taking part in the drama productions at KGV will give you the opportunity to enhance valuable skills including confidence, teamwork, commitment and leadership. If you’re planning a career in performance you will be gaining experience and refining your art, all of which is brilliant to include on a university application form or CV.

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Career opportunities

Career advice

It is the stage manager’s job to ensure everything is ready for a performance including the sets, props and equipment.

Annual Salary:

A dramatherapist will work with people’s feelings and emotions using drama tools such as role playing, movement and group work.

Annual Salary:

A writer will produce creative works such as novels, poetry, plays, scripts or perhaps travel or technical publications

Annual Salary: