KGV Alumni Achieves Cambridge Success

Many congratulations to Dan Howard who has recently graduated from Churchill College, University of Cambridge, with a BA Hons Degree in Medicine. This is a truly marvellous achievement and a testament to all the hard work he has put in over the years.

Having completed his third pre-clinical year at one of the UK’s leading institutions, Dan now has plans to continue at the University for a further three years of clinical medicine. This show of dedication will result in Dan attaining his MB BChir doctorate degree.

Dan chose to study at KGV College because of its reputation as the best College in Southport to study A-Levels. It was an obvious choice that proved to be the perfect environment for Dan to achieve his potential. Making the decision to apply to Oxbridge was not an easy decision and it wasn’t undertaken lightly. However the support Dan received throughout the daunting application process was most helpful. With the exceptional help from his teachers providing mock interviews and passing on valuable advice, Dan was given the experience and knowledge that saw him ultimately rewarded with an offer. Dan would like to pass on his sincere thanks to everyone that supported him during that time.

Dan’s pathway has now been walked by many other KGV students, with 12 alumni currently studying at one of the two Universities. As we continue to support those with the highest aspirations through this process, we are confident many more will follow.

If you are thinking about applying to either Oxford or Cambridge, KGV can help you get there. We’ll work closely with you, making sure you are on track to achieve the necessary grades and your progress coach will provide you with the essential support you need. For more information about applying to university, please speak to Rachael, our Careers Co-ordinator who is based in the Learning Centre.

Having been through the process, we asked Dan what piece of advice he would pass on to current students think about applying to Oxbridge. In response he said that if you are capable, you should definitely consider applying, as for the right person it's an incredible opportunity. He went on to say that if you are thinking about it, make sure to fully read into what your course will entail, what the University is like and what they will expect from you. Dan’s final comments were that these three years have been some of the best for meeting new people and making irreplaceable friends.

Finally, we want to wish Dan all the very best as he advances his studies and continues his success. His high aspirations and dedication are an inspiration to everyone at the college and with his already proven achievements we are assured that he will go on to reach even greater heights.

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