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A Level Chemistry investigates the way that atoms and electrons behave on the molecular level and how this can be applied to reactions. Practical skills are developed through regular investigations that will enable you to apply your understanding of the theories studied throughout the course.

Part of the course will focus on organic chemistry; a fascinating field that is responsible for the development of pharmaceutical drugs, as well as numerous ingredients that make up the products in your bathroom cupboard!

You will also study the colourful world of inorganic chemistry and demonstrate how their reactions take place. Some of these substances are used as anti-cancer drugs and some even have applications to forensics and criminal investigations!

The final area of study is physical chemistry. This is where you can showcase your understanding of calculations and data! Physical chemistry underpins every reaction that takes place, as it explains how often, how fast, and how easily reactions can occur. Very useful for chemists in any field!

Preparing for this course

To prepare you for Chemistry A Level we’ve included a link to a useful resource. Please download this booklet.

More about the course

What will I study

Chemistry is a fascinating subject that investigates how and why chemical phenomena occur. As you delve deeper into the theory of the subject, regular experiments develop your practical skills and enhance your understanding of chemistry. While A Level Chemistry is essential for medicine, veterinary and dentistry, it is also highly desirable for other courses. Current modern science developments such as, Nanotechnology and Chemical Engineering also rely on a firm understanding of chemistry and these fields are continuing to grow as our society strives for newer and more advanced technologies.

Chemistry is such as varied subject that no two lessons are the same, some are investigative, while in others you will use problem solving and arithmetic skills to explore high level chemistry concepts. The course explores organic chemistry examining the way atoms and electrons behave on the molecular level. You will also study inorganic chemistry including the reactions these colourful complexes can undergo. As we explore these phenomena, we will not only investigate what reactions are taking place, but also at the conditions under which they occur and how these can be manipulated to give the most desirable outcomes.

Why choose Chemistry at KGV

Our supportive and experienced teachers tailor each lesson to your individual needs and this allows you to broaden your understanding and realise your potential. With advanced, spacious labs, you will have the best facilities at your disposal that will give you a realistic experience of the commercial industry. With the fantastic support available and amazing facilities, you can be certain to learning in a great environment.

Universities and employers value A Level Chemistry because of the skills and higher-level thinking developed as part of the course. Many of our previous Chemistry students have progressed onto courses such as Medicine, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Diagnostic Radiography, at prestigious universities including Cambridge University, Leeds University and the University of Liverpool.

Entry Requirements


5 GCSEs at grades 9 - 5 and or including, English Language and Maths at grade 4 or above.

Course specific

You will need a grade 6 or above in Maths, plus a grade 6 in Chemistry or a 66 in Combined Science.

You can study 3 a levels or a combination of 2 a levels and 1 btec subsidiary (a level equivalent).
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