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There is no better time to study Biology at A level! In our current unprecedented times of Covid 19, Biology is at the forefront of the news and in our daily lives. Having an in depth understanding of the processes underlying the science allows us to engage fully in a rapidly changing world. There is no doubt that Biology and Biology related fields will play a significant role in future employment opportunities whether in the healthcare and fitness professions, research and development, or exploring the connections between humans and our natural world.

Here at KGV we explore and learn about a wide range of topics that ensure lessons are varied, interesting and will provide you with the skills and knowledge to pursue Biology at degree level. You will begin your studies with cellular biology, membranes, DNA and biochemistry. We use these key concepts to study transport, gas exchange, nervous and endocrine systems in living organisms. Disease, immunity and genetics are given significant coverage as are the areas of ecosystems, energy and conservation studies. You will develop your communication and mathematical skills and along side the A level qualification, you will receive training in a wide variety of practical skills in Biology which allow you to achieve a separate practical endorsement qualification.

Preparing for this course

Download the course specification here . If you notice any topics on the specification that you haven't covered at GCSE or you were less confident about, you should go over them in preparation by using this link.

Go through the notes sheets (on left of web page) and then practice past GCSE papers (on right of webpage) for OCR.

More about the course

What will I study

A Level Biology is a dynamic and exciting subject that provides insight into many aspects of our modern world. Your course is divided into 6 modules spread over the two years:

1 – Development of Practical Skills in Biology
2 – Foundations in Biology
3 – Exchange and Transport
4 – Biodiversity, Evolution and Disease
5 – Communication, Homeostasis and Energy
6 – Genetics, Evolution and Ecosystems

Modules 2,3 and 4 are covered in your first year and Modules 5 and 6 are delivered in second year. The practical skills in Module 1 are taught throughout the two years. Course assessment is based solely on three exam papers that you will sit at the end of the two years.

Why choose Biology at KGV

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our students; as class sizes are relatively small, staff effectively engage with all learners and meet individual needs while providing an excellent learning environment. New equipment and modern, spacious labs ensure that all students can safely receive the opportunity to develop practical skills and to apply these to the theoretical aspects of the course.

We are a friendly, approachable team and we are keen to share our experience of Biology with our students! You will be taught be subject specialists with extensive experience in the delivery of A level Biology, and who are experts in working with students of your age group.

Biology is an essential subject to take if you are thinking of pursuing studies in healthcare, medicine, veterinary science, conservation and ecology, or sports and physiology. A level Biology is highly regarded by universities and employers because of the wide variety of skills and knowledge that students obtain.

KGV Biology students have gone on to study Medicine, Physiotherapy, Diagnostic Radiography, Marine Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Ecology & Conservation while others have used their success in Biology to aid their university entry to Law, History or Psychology. KGV Biologists have progressed onto courses at prestigious universities including Oxford, St Andrew’s, Leeds, Nottingham and Liverpool.

Entry Requirements


5 GCSEs at grades 9 - 5 and or including, English Language and Maths at grade 4 or above.

Course specific

You will need a grade 6 or above in Maths, plus a grade 6 in Biology or a 66 in Combined Science.

You can study 3 a levels or a combination of 2 a levels and 1 btec subsidiary (a level equivalent).
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