King George V College

22 May 2017

King George V College recently held their annual Music Showcase for Advanced Level Music Technology students.

The showcase took place in the Colleges Performance Theatre, part of KGV’s new 4 million pound Creative Arts Building, and was the culmination of two years of study for Music Technology students. The production was entirely student led, with second years organising everything from the lighting to the music to develop a striking visual and audio performance.  

Students performed their own original pieces during the showcase along with the work of other artists from different time periods. Prince’s Purple Rain from the early 80’s and Green Day’s American Idiot from 2004 were just two of many artists represented on the day.

Tom Forster, Music Technology Course Leader, said, ‘The students worked hard to produce a show that demonstrated their talents as musicians and music technologists, resulting in a showcase that I was proud to introduce’

Music students utilized the College’s state of the art equipment to produce then perform their pieces in front of a live audience. This included the use of launch pads to create a light show which added a visual element to the performance.

Ryan Hardy, a former Meols Cop High School student who currently studies  Music Technology at KGV, commented, ‘I really enjoyed playing in front of a live audience and especially performing a tribute of Prince’s Purple Rain. I will continue to study music performance after finishing at KGV College.’

In 2016, Music Technology students at King George V College achieved 100% pass rate with 71% high grades.

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