King George V College

4 May 2017

Advanced level Geography students at King George V College recently travelled to Iceland to sample the islands unique physical and cultural geography.

The group of geographers explored Iceland’s primary tourist attractions like the Blue Lagoon, Sun Voyager, the ‘Harpa’ opera house and the impressive Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral.

Students investigated the unique tectonic landscape of Iceland, visiting a live volcano called Eyjafjallajökul to advance their understanding of the tectonic hazards topic of the A Level Geography course.

Mike Graham, Geography A Level Course Leader, said, ‘This was a wonderful opportunity for KGV students to fully immerse themselves in the stunning geographical surroundings Iceland has to offer.

‘They got a chance to view some of Iceland’s stunning tectonic features, waterfalls, and coastal landforms up close, as well as a rare opportunity to witness the spectacular Northern Lights.’

Students were given the chance to view a selection of stunning waterfalls, a glacial tongue and the black sands of Reynisfjara shore which is renowned for its hexagonal basalt columns.

Erin Imrie, a former Stanley High School student who is now studying A Level Biology, Geography and Geology, commented, ‘Iceland was incredible! It was by far the best place I have ever visited because the scenery was so beautiful.

‘The trip really helped me visualize what I have learned about in class and has inspired me to pursue a career in geography as there are so many aspects of the subject that I love.’

Last summer, Geography students at King George V achieved national success, scoring the highest ALPS grade in the country (a nationally recognized measure of A Level student progress) with 65% of students achieving grades A*-B.

View photographs of the trip on the KGV Facebook page. 

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