Term dates for 2020.

With January being a key booking time for family holidays, we know that many KGV parents are keen to check the term dates for the rest of the year.

holiday dates 2020

Spring & Summer Terms 2020

The Spring Term begins on Monday January 6th and runs until April 3rd 2020. Half term is Monday 17th - Friday 21st February and is in line with the primary and high schools in Sefton.

The summer term, begins on April 20th and runs until July 1st 2020. Half term is Monday 25th – Friday 29th May, this includes the Whit Bank Holiday Monday and is again in line with schools in Sefton.

For future reference, these can be easily found at all times at the bottom of our home page or here and please remember that holidays should not be taken during term time.

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