King George V College

Students at King George V College have the opportunity to retake their GCSE Maths and English, which they must if they do not already have a grade C or above.


Our GCSE English course is quite intense as it condenses what is essentially a two-year course into one year and combines English Literature with English Language.

The five controlled assessments are like coursework in that students have a week to prepare and may take notes in with them, but they write under exam conditions. This represents 40% of the final mark. The speaking and listening is compulsory though does not contribute to the final mark. The examination is worth 60% and is made up of three unseen examples of “real-life” English such magazine articles and blogs, and two writing tasks.


Our GCSE Maths is a one year course. Students who just missed out on a C grade or show aptitude and commitment in the first few weeks will be given the opportunity to sit the exam in November.

This strategy proved very successful in the academic year 2015/16 with the majority of students sitting the November exam obtaining a C grade.

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