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Sociology is the study of human relationships and behaviour and helps you to develop a different outlook on society. The main focus is an explanation of the different trends that exist in society. For instance, differential educational performance according to social groups and some social groups may appear to be more religious or criminal/ deviant than others?

A-Level Sociology at KGV covers some of the most popular topics in society. Some examples of this include: Education – what is responsible for the differential achievements that we see at every level of education? Are class, ethnicity, gender or government policies factors?; Crime and deviance – what explains what society sees as deviant or criminal behaviour best? Our biological nature or sociological nurture?

The course uses a wide range of teaching and learning techniques such as presentations, one to ones, group work, documentaries, video clips, creative sessions and personal ICT based research. You will be supported holistically throughout the course; academically, socially and emotionally, enabling you to be successful. If you are someone who likes to question, debate and delve deep into understanding human relationships and behaviour, then sociology is for you.


5 GCSEs at grades 9-5 (A*-B) including English Language and a 4 or above (Grade C) in GCSE Maths.


The course offers a variety of enrichment opportunities, including:

  • Philosophy Symposium – an opportunity to keep up to date and debate current affairs
  • An invitation to the Annual criminology conference in Manchester
  • The Aspiring Professionals Programme (offered by the Social Mobility Programme) which includes tailored skills sessions and career workshops, university application support and mentoring from professionals within your chosen career area.


You will enjoy a wide breadth of resources and facilities both in the classroom and in the College Learning Centre. You will be expected to broaden your subject knowledge by researching current topics of interest like domestic violence, gender and subject choice etc. 


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