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Philosophy probes deeply into ordinary opinions and convictions on almost every topic – morality, politics, psychology, physics, biology, religion, law etc. Following correct principles of reasoning, Philosophy takes familiar ideas apart and investigates fundamental issues raised with the sole goal of gaining genuine knowledge. Philosophy will give you the skills to think logically and critically. You will be taught, not what to think, but how to think.

Philosophy at KGV is known for its outstanding performance (100% pass rate) and high levels of student enjoyment. Such high level achievement and satisfaction complemented by Philosophy’s own debating society: the symposium and several enrichment opportunities in the form of gust speakers and visits.


A-level Philosophy covers some of the most popular topics in society.  You will have the opportunity to delve into Epistemology, a topic which questions what is the nature of reality? Given the evolutionary limitation of our senses, to what extent is what we perceive a reflection of what ‘exists’ in the external world? Or, more fundamentally, can we ever be certain that the external world even exists? You will also explore the Philosophy of the Mind. During this topic we ask, is what we call the mind just a brain processes which can be understood in neurological terms or is it something that is irreducible to the physical?


5 GCSEs at grades 9-5 (A*-B) including English Language and a 4 or above (Grade C) in GCSE Maths. For Philosophy you will need a Grade 5 in English or English Language or English Literature.


Previous students have gone on to study a variety of degree courses, with the majority opting to study Philosophy. Philosophy prepares you for the kind of rigorous thinking and critical analysis valued in a wide variety of fields; it can make a make a significant contribution to any job that requires you to think well, clearly and rigorously. Big business – the City firms, the banks, the management consultancies, the chartered accountants – are enthusiastic about people who’ve done philosophy, because they know how to think clearly. Philosophy students also go into law, politics, and the civil service. Journalism is a logical career path, since you have to be able to write well and present ideas logically and clearly. Advertising is another choice, and of course, there’s always education! Philosophy students do better in verbal, writing and mathematical skills and therefore make great teachers.


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