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Studying A-Level Music at KGV will involve performing, composing and appraising music in various styles. In all aspects of the course there is a practical focus, including not just solo performances in concerts but also ensemble performances of the works you study. This allows you to develop both a theoretical and practical understanding of how different styles of music work. You will also gain practical experience through live performance and recording in our own studio, as well as composing for specific scenarios and using music software such as Logic and Sibelius.

Both performance and composition will encourage you to choose your areas of interest, developing your ability to learn independently. Analysing, comparing and critiquing music through discussion will allow you to form and express your own opinions, while you will also research and debate, backing up your opinions with facts and expressing them through presentations or written work. 


Alongside performance and composition, which allow you to follow your own interests, you will study a variety of set works. Students will study the Western Classical Tradition (1650-1910), including the baroque solo concerto, Mozart’s opera and romantic piano music.

Students may also study a selection of other genres and modern composers, for example:

Film Music: Hanz Zimmer (Gladiator, Batman: The Dark Knight, Inception and Interstellar),

Musical Theatre: Claude-Michael Schonberg (Musical Theatre: Les Misrables and Miss Saigon)

Jazz: Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and Pat Metheny

Modern Composers: Olivier Messiaen, Steve Reich and Dmitri Shostakovich.



A-Level Music at KGV provides the perfect grounding to progress on to study music at university or conservatoire level, but it also provides a fantastic grounding for work in any creative career. Performing arts, drama, studio engineering, production, composition, event management and conducting are just some of the careers that you could go on to pursue. Previous students have gone on to perform at the BBC Philharmonic or Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, or now lecture at Birmingham Conservatoire. Recent students progressed to study Music at Leeds University and Drama at Edge Hill.

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