King George V College

Football … Netball … Badminton … Basketball … and more!

Whatever you are studying, you can always get involved in sports here at KGV.

Our College sports teams offer a great opportunity for you to train and compete in your favourite sport, whilst studying at the college and they also enable our students to build great friendships, develop their leadership qualities and strengthen their physical health.

At KGV, each of our sports teams are partnered with top sporting professionals and organisations in order to deliver high quality specialist coaching. Being a sports team member you’ll receive such benefits as:

  • Regular fixtures in AOC leagues
  • Advanced level coaching
  • Priority places on external qualifications
  • Individual sports science analysis
  • Personalised strength and conditioning programmes
  • Support and guidance for future career pathways, e.g. USA scholarships

All of the staff involved are passionate about seeing individuals fulfill their potential, but most of all they want everyone who takes part to enjoy themselves and have fun!

If you are a top level performer in an individual sport, you’ll also be able to represent the college at regional and national levels

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