King George V College



King George V (KGV) College has been an educational provider in Southport for more than 98 years. In September 1920, KGV first opened its doors as Southport Municipal Secondary for Boys. It was later reopened by Lord Derby in October 1926 as King George V Grammar School after new buildings were commissioned to be built at KGV College’s current campus location in Scarisbrick New Road. 

In September 1979, King George V Grammar School was renamed to King George V College and in 1982 KGV became a specialised Sixth Form provider and the school section ceased to exist.

KGV College's Alumni include:

  • Musician Marc Almond
  • Actor and Author David Lonsdale
  • Professor John Pickard FRCS FmedSci, professor emeritus of neurosurgery, University of Cambridge

You can find more information about the history of KGV in the Old Georgians section on our website. 

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