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KGV is one of the few Sixth Form Colleges in England to offer our Students the opportunity to study GCSE Classical Languages (Greek and Latin) from scratch. Our courses are open to any students studying at KGV.

Latin and Greek are not easy languages to master, but as long as your timetable permits and you are prepared to put in the necessary effort you will see brilliant results. The majority of our students achieve an A* or A grade at GCSE.

If you want to gain a full GSCE in either Latin or Greek you will be required to study for two years (teaching time of 2.25 hours per week) so you would have to start in your first year at KGV. Students wishing to study for just one year (75 minutes per week) will leave KGV with an OCR Entry Level qualification, which is a nationally-recognised pre-GCSE qualification.


Why Study Latin or Greek?

  • Discover where English vocabulary comes from
  • Improve your English spelling and grammar
  • If you are a linguist it will help improve your study of modern foreign languages
  • Enhance your UCAS application if you wish to study Archaeology, Ancient History, Medicine, Law and Classical Civilisation at University
  • Enhance your CV with an unique qualification
  • Read Classical authors such as Homer and Lucian in their original language
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