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When learning Spanish at A level, the study of the language goes hand in hand with an exploration of individual, social, political and cultural elements which affects us both as individuals and as communities. Spanish will give you the opportunity to explore, develop, express and exchange your views on these topics in the target language. By becoming a proficient user of advanced Spanish, you will broaden your cultural awareness, develop your analytical skills and simultaneously deepen your knowledge of the English language.

At KGV we will make sure you benefit from learning in a variety of ways and settings, using authentic materials and media. We promote interactive and collaborative learning to ensure you engage fully with the course and your peers. 


You will discover many aspects of Hispanic culture in a European context and a number of wider social issues, such as citizenship, migration, cultural identity, and controversial traditions, such as bull fighting. You will also have the opportunity to discover the recent history of Spain as well as a world of art, cinema and literature in the Spanish-speaking world.


With Spanish A level, you can move on to study languages at University but you will also be equipped with many skills that employers across the board find invaluable: communication, relationship building, research and analysis.

Of course, teaching (abroad and at home), interpreting and translating are rewarding and well-paid career options you can follow, but there are many other wide-ranging routes open to students of Spanish. Languages are a key skill in industries such as Travel and Tourism, Transport, Food, Media, Diplomatic Services and other International Organizations, to name but a few.

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