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Sociology at KGV will help you to think like a sociologist, embrace a sociological imagination and enable you to question the empirical world and assumptions in an open, supportive and vibrant    learning environment. The course is designed to foster your development of critical and reflective thinking whilst encouraging respect and awareness of social and cultural diversity and inequality. You will also develop research skills relating to contemporary social issues.

The course uses a wide range of teaching and learning techniques such as presentations, one to ones, group work, documentaries, video clips, creative sessions and personal ICT based research. You will be supported holistically throughout the course, academically, socially and emotionally, enabling you to be successful. If you are someone who likes to question, debate and delve deep into understanding human relationships and behaviour, then sociology is for you


A-Level Sociology covers some of the most popular topics in society. Some examples of this include: Education – what is responsible for the differential achievements that we see at every level of education? Are class, ethnicity, gender or government policies factors?; Crime and deviance – what explains what society sees as deviant or criminal behaviour best? Our biological nature or sociological nurture?


Majority of our students opt to study sociology at University. A good number too go for the related courses such as youth studies or criminology. Career choices include journalism, teaching, media work, social policy advisor, police officer, social worker, probation officer, and health care professions, to name just a few. 

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