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Psychology is a fascinating and lively subject which uses scientific methods to study human behaviour and thinking. Combining research, literacy, statistical analysis and critical evaluation skills, it’s a great launch pad for a whole range of related science degrees, including forensics, criminology and occupational therapy.

A qualification in Psychology will also be extremely valuable if you’re planning a career in communications, culture, marketing, human resources, teaching or business. 


Studying A-Level Psychology at KGV opens up a variety of interesting topics for you to explore. These topics vary from explanations and treatments of OCD to phobias, depression and schizophrenia. The course also looks in depth into explaining physical attraction, online relationships, criminal profiling, eyewitness testimony in addition to looking into the theories of criminal behaviour, sleep cycles, human memory and the reasons for conformity and obedience. You will learn how to explain human and even animal behaviour.


What could possibly be a more interesting career than the study of the criminal mind? At present we have several high performing psychology students who are going on to study degrees in forensic psychology and criminology. Many have been inspired by the forensic and mental health aspects of the course and intend to pursue this to develop careers as forensic and clinical psychologists. In 2015, leavers went on to study Psychology at Dundee, Nottingham, Liverpool, and Manchester Universities!

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