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Physics is a prestigious A-level that will open doors to a wealth of successful career options. Studying physics can lead to opportunities in fields as diverse as Engineering, Cosmology, Medicine and even Law; the possibilities are endless.

The course incorporates a wide range of topics so no matter what your favourite aspect of Physics, we probably study it! We cover everything from the world of particle physics up to good communication and team building skills, as well as becoming adept at using unfamiliar apparatus.  You will become better prepared for studying Science at university, as we cover topics in greater depth with more advanced maths.  You will begin to think more profoundly and articulate your ideas in a more scientific manner to prepare you for a possible science or engineering degree at university.

You will also have the chance to extend your learning beyond the classroom, with a trips to CERN in Geneva, enrichment activities such as the Physics Olympiad and University taster days


Year 1 consists of five core areas of study including; Particle Physics, Quantum & Wave Phenomena, Mechanics and Electricity.

Year 2 involves the study of three additional core topics; Further Mechanics & Thermal Physics, Fields and Nuclear Physics. You will also complete an additional unit from a choice of five topics ranging from Astrophysics to Electronics. At least 15% of the course will assess skills and understanding in relation to practical work. \


A-level Physics is a traditional A-level subject and is identified as a key facilitating subject by the Russell Group of Elite Universities. Physics is a solid choice for students considering a career in Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dentistry, Computing, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Environmental Science. Physics will also prepare students for industry careers, such as those within the engineering or electronics sectors.



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