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Media Studies is a subject that is truly contemporary and relevant to everyone. It is extremely challenging intellectually and provides a solid pathway for you to get into higher education, while also teaching a skill set that will be incredibly useful in the media industry and beyond. As the media becomes more and more ubiquitous in our lives, it is extremely important for students to be able to analyse and critique the media that surrounds them, so that they can make sense of it and try to understand exactly what is going on in society.


You will study a wide assortment of different texts, from a variety of media forms, which will encourage you to become more appreciative of well-made media texts. This often leads to heated classroom debates about what the greatest film ever is, for example!

Producing a print, e-media, audiovisual media product for your coursework is generally the part of the course that students like the most, as they are able to put themselves in Scorsese or Fincher’s shoes. 


Students studying Media Studies at KGV have gone on to do a wide variety of courses at many prestigious universities in the UK, including Russell Group universities, as well as work at different media organisations across the country, including television channels and websites. The course offers a fantastic opportunity to students who are looking to get involved in the industry, in that it gives them a great deal of industry knowledge and experience that will be vital when looking for employment within the sector. 

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