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For the keenest students there is the opportunity to study Further Maths A-Level at KGV. On this programme you will take an entire A-Level in Maths in one year and in the second year you will study Further Pure Maths. This includes the study of a while new number system involving the square roots of negative numbers, a new system of coordinates for plotting graphs and how to describe transformations using matrices. You will also have opportunities to learn more Statistics, Mechanics and Decision Maths, which involves solving problems using algorithms in much the same way that computer programs work. You will leave KGV with a broad, transferable skill set including problem-solving, critical thinking and the ability to work independently. 


In our Further Maths A-Level Course you will learn how to calculate the the probability of an event in Statistics, discover how to aim a projectile to hit its target in Mechanics, and find out how a SatNav calculates the shortest route in Decision. You’ll learn real life application of Mathematics and develop the skills that are needed to understand the relationship between growing or decaying substances and time in Core Maths.

You will have the opportunity to take part in local and national Maths competitions, such as UKMT Senior Challenge and the LMS Pop Quiz. Trips to relevant, interesting talks including the Maths Inspiration lectures are also planned. Each week every Maths class has an intervention session where extra help is available to everyone.


With 100% pass rates, over 60% of students achieving high grade passes, Further Maths at KGV gives students the opportunities to go far and explore all different types of career paths. Students who take Further Maths are likely to progress onto Maths related degrees at University, studying courses such as Engineering, Computing, Science, and Medicine. We currently have ex-students studying related courses at Oxford University after achieving A* Grades in Further Mathematics.




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