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At KGV you will study Pure Maths, including algebraic methods for solving equations and Calculus – the mathematics of changing quantities. Your programme of study will include opportunities to learn Statistics, which includes methods that are used for analysing data in Economics, Psychology and the other Sciences, and Mechanics - the study of motion and forces, which is the basis for Engineering and Ballistics. 

You will leave KGV with a broad, transferable skill set including problem-solving, critical thinking and the ability to work independently. Many Maths students go on to study Maths, Engineering, Sciences and Medicine at University and work in Finance, Sciences and Engineering.


Learn how to calculate the probability of an event in Statistics. Discover how to aim a projectile to hit its target in Mechanics. Find out how to add up an infinite list of numbers or learn the mathematical skills needed to understand the relationship between growing or decaying substances and time in Core Maths.


Many students who have studied Maths at KGV go on to take maths related courses at university.

Popular subjects include: Engineering courses such as Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical, Marine, Civil and Chemical Engineering; Financial courses such as Accounting and Finance and Actuarial Mathematics; Computing courses including Computer Science, Software Engineering and Computer Forensics; Science courses such as Physics, Natural Sciences and Biology; Medical courses including Medicine, Pharmacy, Dental Surgery and Biomedical Science

Currently, two former KGV Mathematicians are studying at Oxford or Cambridge University. Konnar Lambert Smith, achieved A* in both Maths and Further Maths A-Levels and is now studying Maths at Oxford University and Dan Howard also achieved A* in both Maths and Further Maths A-Levels and is now studying Medicine at Cambridge University. 


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