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Learning French will enchance your academic ability, even in your native lanauge, and enrich your personal and cultural horizons. You will be totally immersed in French from the minute you step into the classroom. You are encouraged to develop your confidence and your skills in understanding and speaking French by being exposed to the language at all times, in a totally supportive way.

The subject is greatly valued by Russell Group Universities because it is a traditional, academic discipine therefore an A Level in French can be a valuable qualification to support your future application to university. Fluency in French can also improve your career prospects in the global economy. French is the offical language of the Olympic Games and one of the working lanauges of NATO, the World Health Organisation and UNICEF, to name but a few.

At KGV, you will benefit from a host of exciting and interactive activities, both within and outside of the classroom. You will have access to one to one conversation sessions to improve your fluency, a languages club, and a trip to France. 


You will learn about the traditions, culture and customs of France, which is really enjoyable and rewarding. You will also enjoy learning about how other young people of your age are dealing with issues in France, from mobile technologies, to smart phones and music. Over the two year course your knowledge will be tested through two written exams and one oral exam. 


An A Level in French can potentially open doors to careers in many prestigious professions, including law, accounting, journalism, interpreting and marketing. 

You could go on to work as an essential member of a diplomatic team, whether at the UN, NATO or at embassies through the Foreign Service. You could attend a French university, work at a consulting firm, be a journalist, run a bank, or become an international human rights lawyer. The opportunities are endless.

This year, French A level student Rebecca Stephens has been delighted to receive an offer from Oxford University to study French, following months of hard work and intensive coaching in and out of class. Many other KGV French students have gone on to their first choice of university, or to Russell Group universities.

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