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At King George V, we look into film technique (mise en scene, cinematography, sound, editing) and different genres. We also look at how filmmakers use technique to create meaning, giving you the knowledge which will be applied when designing a scene from your own film. Additionally, you will explore film industries and audiences. If you want to make a film, you don’t go about it in the same way as Hollywood or large British companies do. As a spectator, you don’t necessarily want to see the same king of films when you’re sixteen as when you’re sixty. These are the issues and debates we look at. For case studies, we look into films from Britain and Hollywood.


You will have the opportunity in both first and second year to create a short film/sequence. You will have to think like a director and plan how your sequence should be shot – where, when, with who etc. – and then film it and edit it. This will give you a broad experience of the different components of work in cinema. There is also the opportunity to study several films that have been influential in recent times, including British films such as “Shaun of the Dead”, American films such as “Fight Club” and documentaries such as “Super Size Me”.


Students studying Film Studies at KGV have gone on to do a wide variety of courses at many prestigious universities in the UK, including Russell Group universities. Some studies have even go on to work at different media organisations across the UK, including television channels and websites. The course offers fantastic opportunities to students who are looking to get involved in the industry, as it gives you a great deal of industry knowledge and experience that will be vital when looking for employment in the sector.

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