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This course involves exploring how writers and speakers use language to tell stories, be that in novels, plays or poems. You’ll explore how people, places, times and experiences are imagined and created and develop the terminology to critically analyse it all. You’ll also improve your skills of comparison and evaluation, essay writing, presentation and team work. You’ll get better at making your own creative writing effective in terms of style, audience and purpose. This can help in many other courses and careers. Our students have gone on to a variety of futures including journalism, business and teaching.


You’ll study two great novels like The Great Gatsby or Frankenstein, one play and some modern poetry alongside an anthology of diverse types of texts about Paris. As well as the usual analysis and comparison you will be tasked to write creatively using these texts. You also get the chance to carry out an investigation into how language is used in literary and non-literary texts.


English Language and Literature A level is recognised by every university as an excellent step towards further study. Courses in Language or Literature or Linguistics are natural progressions, so if it’s forensic linguistics with its crime-solving appeal that grabs you this A level is an ideal first step. But other careers such as medicine, speech and language therapy or business, marketing or law, with their focus on people and communication, are equally well supported by this subject. Our students have gone on to study a diverse range of subjects at university such as Journalism, Medicine, Zoology, Business Management, Criminology and even Fashion at prestigious universities like UCL and King’s, Liverpool, Leeds and Durham.

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