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What we study on the English Language A level is totally different to GCSE.  English Language will give you the confidence to explore, analyse and evaluate the world around you. If you like the idea of finding out where our language comes from and where it’s going, if you like taking things to bits and looking at how they are made, if you are interested in what makes you sound the way you do, or why some words are more offensive than others or how children learn to put a sentence together like the one you’ve just read, then this could be your favourite subject.

You will get a very experienced teacher and examiner; links with university research resources; access to a wide range of e learning resources; Twitter feeds; trips, guest speakers, and employability skills such as independence, communication and collaboration.


We study how babies learn to talk and how children learn to develop language. We explore the different influences things like our regional backgrounds, our gender, our age or belonging to social groups might have on our words and accents and we study the ways we interact with other people. We also discover key ways in which the English Language continues to change and evolve and we evaluate what people think about it all.


English Language A level is recognised by every university as an excellent step towards further study. Courses in Language or Literature or Linguistics are natural progressions, so if it’s forensic linguistics with its crime-solving appeal that grabs you this A level is an ideal first step. But other careers such as speech and language therapy or business, marketing or law, with their focus on people and communication, are equally well supported by this subject. Our students have gone on to study a diverse range of subjects at university such as Journalism, Zoology, Business Management, Criminology and even Fashion at prestigious universities like UCL and King’s, Liverpool, Leeds and Durham.

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