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KGV is a fantastic place to study Electronics.  We have modern, fully equipped laboratories where every student can work individually during practical lessons throughout their two years here.  We have knowledgeable staff and technicians who can support you when it is project time and this will give you a great opportunity to work on your own, building a project based on a topic of your choice that really inspires you.  Labs are equipped with a set of computers running circuit simulation software as well as software that enables them to be connected to your own circuits to give you full control.  We also have data logging equipment so you can really see what is going on inside your circuit even at high frequencies. 


You will get the opportunity to develop and demonstrate high-level constructional and communication abilities by bringing your knowledge of science, mathematics and physics into the practical applications that electronics demands. This will enable you to gain a thorough understanding of modern electronic systems and the wider social, economic and cultural impact of the subject.

You will cover topics such as transistors, operational amplifiers, logic gates and timing subsystems and develop your skills in analytics, team work and problem solving. You will also learn how to take projects from concept to production and how to use your initiative to develop solutions.


Studying Electronics opens up so many doors for your future.  It stands out on a university application form and former students have said it has been especially welcome when applying for physics or engineering degrees at prestigious universities as you will already know many of the topics studied at degree level. Most of our students go on to a career either in the electronics industry or working in computers, where they are highly employable due to the excellent maths and problem solving skills they have developed over the two years on this course.

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