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 “Just as the last century was regarded as the golden age of physics, so it is becoming increasingly clear that the 21st is the century of biology.” Jim Al-Kahlili, author of Quantum and Paradox

Biology makes use of the tools provided by Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics to allow us to understand the natural world. At KGV you will build on your current understanding of biological systems and gain a greater depth of understanding.

We have a strong emphasis on the practical application of biological concepts. As a biology student at KGV, you will be expected to complete practicals each week to cement your understanding of the theoretical content of the course. You will be taught by teachers who are experts in their fields, who have a wealth of experience in achieving the best grades and enabling KGV students to progress onto careers such as medicine, veterinary sciences, dentistry and the biological sciences.


Our syllabus requires us to complete a variety of practical activities and investigations. We experiment with biological molecules and their detection in foods; complete dissections of the heart and lungs; investigated the effect of antibiotics on E. coli; used enzymes to see the effect they have on biological reactions; and we have visit Chester Zoo to discover the methods and challenges involved in conservation.


The KGV Biology department has a rich history of helping our students progress on to a host of well-respected degree programmes and careers. In 2015 twelve of our Biologists progressed on to university to study medicine. This year two students, Alec and Lucy, gained places at the University of Cambridge, to study medicine and many of our students progressed on to the most selective universities in the country to study medicine, pharmacy, ophthalmology, radiography and a variety of biological science degrees.


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