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Our College timetable is designed to help you get the most out of your time at King George V. The College day runs from 8.45am to 4.15pm and our coach service works to this timetable, so you never have to worry about getting to and from KGV each day. All students have a lunch break from 12.15-1.00pm during which you can grab a bite to eat in our canteen or get involved in an enrichment activity, however it is not compulsory for you to stay on site over the lunch period.

Typically if you are studying an A Level or Mixed Programme, you will have four and a half hours of teaching time plus at least one support session per subject per week. If you are studying a BTEC Programme you will have in total thirteen and a half hours teaching time plus at least three support sessions per week. All students are timetabled a Progress Coach session once a week to offer pastoral study support.

It is advised that a student should allocate at least 4 hours private study a week to each subject in their study programme.


To encourage students to take responsibility for your learning and help to prepare you for University or future employment, we recently changed our timetable to incorporate a Study Day once a week. During this day, students are invited to attend additional subject sessions when staff will revisit difficult topics or look at extended work that will challenge your learning. When things are going well and you are progressing in line with your aspirational target you are not expected in College on your study day but staff are always here to help if you need some extra support. When it is required you will be asked to attend College on your study day to inspire you and support your learning.

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